Travels 2018 – Part II (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Denmark & VDVA Sofia)

This trip took us from Odessa to Chisinau by car. We started in Odessa, went to Moldova and then drove around Romania in a big circle ending up in Moldova & Transnistria again. Here you will see photos from Rasinari – Timisoara – Targu Jiu – Craiova – Ploiesti – Braila – Galati – Vaslui – Botosani – Balti – Chisinau – Odessa. Included are also images taken earlier in Denmark (Aarhus & Museum Skjoldenaesholm) plus Sofia. In Sofia visited most tram and trolleybus depots and also the main metro depot. If you are interested in joining us on these VDVA tours in Europe, visit the website (we do one big tour every year and usually 2-3 long weekend tours).

Rășinari (Rasinari/Reschinar) – August

Timișoara (Timisoara/Temeswar) – August

Târgu Jiu (Targu Jiu/Turgukukuli) – August

Craiova – August

Ploiești (Ploiesti) – August

Brăila (Braila) – August

Galați (Galati/Galatz) – August

Vaslui (Wassluy) – August (a repeat-visit and again nothing was running)

Botoșani (Botosani/Botoschan) – August

Bălți (Balti/Belz) – August (a repeat visit – this time with depot visit)

Chișinău (Kishinev/Kischinau) – August

Оде́са (Odessa) – August (with charter of training car #3058)

Aarhus – July

Museum Skjoldenæsholm – July (40 years of operating – Part II)

Со́фия (Sofia) – June (VDVA trip including various charters)