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How did it all start at tramway.com? We used to run many different websites over the years. It all began like this (screengrab from waybackMachine at archive.org from 2004): We may show more “from the archive” material in the future (but always just a selection of the best)! It looks like our earliest web presence Read More

Kolkata Fleet List – Part II (503 – 720, Horse Tram, Works Cars, Other Cars)

Here is part II of the fleet list sorted by fleet number (works cars at the end) with indication of current location. The status of the cars can change anytime and thus the listing here is just a snapshot of what the situation was like during our visit at the end of February 2023. Status: Read More

Travels 2023 Kolkata

In February 2023 we visited Kolkata again. The 2011 trip was really a “once in a lifetime experience” (see this link to read the trip report) and of course it would be impossible to repeat this. Unlike 2011 this tour was operated by a travel agency but the number of participants was very similar (not Read More

Travels 2023

An Early start of the year: Sylvester in Poland. Followed by another trip to Kolkata (via Istanbul). The Kolkata visit will be featured in a separate post (with more photos and also more text – a bit like what we did for the 2011 trip there). Mumbai (IN) – March Flying back from Kolkata allowed Read More

Kolkata Fleet List – Part I (125 – 498)

The current fleet of trams in Kolkata is rather varied. There are many types (including works cars) but the majority of the fleet is unfortunately sitting gathering dust and rust in closed depots. Only the N class trams are still in regular service (plus a few converted “single” cars including some with air con but Read More

Travels 2022 – Part III (Turin)

December is not usually a month where we travel to tramway destinations but the events that took place in Torino and the possibility to see many old friends and make new ones warrented this long weekend trip. Luckily the weather was good (little rain, sunshine and no snow – only on some mountains in the Read More

The end of the Milano Interurbans

Since October 1st (2023) the last surviving interurban tram line in Milano from Comasina metro station to Ospedale Mombello in Limbiate has been replaced by bus. Bad track (years of non-investment or underinvestment in the upkeep of the right of way) had resulted in a much reduced service for a long time and with multiple Read More

Travels 2022 – Part II

A trip to the 50 year celebrations of the ASVi museum in Belgium resulted in visites to various systems en-route at the end of September and early October: Wuppertal Schwebebahn (DE) -includes a few trolleybuses from Solingen near their Wuppertal-Vohwinkel terminus where they meet the Monorail Hotton and Lierneux (BE) – two ex Antwerp trailers Read More

from the archive: 125 years of the Belgian Coastal Tramway

In 2010 the Belgian Vicinal (by now called De Lijn in this part of the country) celebrated the 125th birthday of trams with many visiting tramcars. We went to see the big parade on June 25th. This is another post from our old tramwaymuseum.net website. Read More

from the archive: Milano Ventottos

Another blast from the past (this time from our old webpage ventotto.info). In 2008 we published a post detailling the history of the Peter Witt cars of ATM Milano. Yes, all except one car have been modified with a rear door for a very long time and thus are no longer true Peter Witts. We Read More

Museum Trams in Hainaut and the Ardennes

Whilst preparing the “from the archive” posts from our old website trammuseum.net we noticed that we had only shown a small selection of photos there dealing with the museum trams of ASVi and TTA (and the commercial Grottes de Han operation). We have put them all together here including much additional material, old and new Read More

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