Travels 2018 – Part I (Denmark, Ukraine, VDVA Belgrade & Germany)

We started the year with a visit to the National Tramway Museum in Denmark to witness the big celebrations there (40 years!) with a short side-trip to Aarhus. In May we went to Ukraine again. We had travelled to most of the countries’s systems before but we had never managed to go East of Charkiw towards Donbas (the western systems that is of course). This was done by car from Kiev and we only met extremely nice people. Not one minute did we feel unsafe. You will find photos of: Kiev (Київ; Киев) – Poltava – Charkiw (Харків; Харьков/Charkow) – Bachmut (Бахмут) – Druschkiwka (Дружківка; Дружковка/Druschkowka) – Kramatorsk (Краматорськ; Краматорск/Kramatorsk) – Lyssytschansk (Лисичанськ; Лисичанск/Lissitschansk) – Sjewjerodonezk (Сєвєродонецьк; Северодонецк/Sewerodonezk) – Slowjansk (Слов’янськ; Славянск/Slawjansk) – Dnipro (Дніпро) formerly Dnipropetrovsk – Zaporizhzhia (Запорі́жжя; Запоро́жье) formerly Alexandrovsk – Mariupol (Маріуполь; Мариуполь) – Cherson (Херсон) – Mykolajiw (Миколаїв; Николаев/Nikolajew) – Odessa (Оде́са; Оде́сса). In April VDVA revisited Belgrade/Serbia and in February I also found the last tram in Bremerhaven/Germany. If you are interested in joining us on these VDVA tours in Europe, visit the website (we do one big tour every year and usually 2-3 long weekend tours).

Museum Skjoldenæsholm – May (40 years of operating – Part I)

Aarhus – May (line 2 – now with passengers)

Київ (Kiev/Kiew) – May (includes trolleybus charter with green #4040)

Полтава (Poltava/Poltawa) – May

Харків (Kharkiv/Charkiw) – May (includes trolleybus charter with green #888 and tram charter with #8023)

Слов’янськ (Sloviansk) – May

Бахмут (Bachmut – formerly Artemivsk) – May

Дружківка (Druschkiwka) – May (includes tram charter with #084)

Краматорськ (Kramatorsk) – May

Лисичанськ (Lyssytschansk/Lissitschansk) – May

Сєвєродонецьк (Sjewjerodonezk/Sewerodonezk) – May

Слов’янськ (Slowjansk/Slawjansk) – May

Дніпро (Dnipro – formerly Dnipropetrovsk) – May

Запорі́жжя (Zaporizhzhia – formerly Alexandrovsk) – May

Маріуполь (Mariupol) – May (includes tram #554 + #719 and trolleybus #1312 charters)

Херсон (Kherson/Cherson) – May (includes trollybus charter with #453)

Миколаїв (Mykolajiw) – May

Оде́са (Odessа) – May (includes trolleybus charter with #2006)

Београд (Belgrade/Belgrad) – April (VDVA trip including various charters)

Bremerhaven – February