Travels 2023 – Part III

More from the Nordic adventure:

Oslo (NO ) July

No museum trams are in operation here and the nice tramway museum is not even connected to the network. We managed to visit one of the two storage locations of the museum organisation. We heard that the highfloor Duewag/Stroemmen cars (GT6s really)
and also the AnsaldoBreda cars will be retired soon when enough CAF Urbos 100 cars have arrived (22 are here so far). Tramline 13 sharing tracks with the metro (3) in the west is under threat. We spent a couple of hours here to experience it all, much has changed here in the last 20 years.

Museum (and museum store)

Tram & Metro (regular operations)

short videos

Landskrona (SE) – July

Driving back from Göteborg we stopped at Landskrona and for the first time we drove to the depot. There will be a new operator taking over in 2025 and the vehicles will then be replaced (and the new operator supplies their own vehicles).

Lund (SE) – July

Another system (just one line) we have visited before but this time we parked the car (no free parking anywhere!) to be able to ride the line. We even drove to the depot in the car but did not try to visit it (not much to see there – a “problem” that all such new systems have).

Skjoldenaesholm (DK) – July

The big annual traffic day (actually they do have two now, but the members day falls on this one event) was a good excuse to visit this splendid museum again. We must have been there 25 times on the last 25 years or so. We went to the museum the evening before the big day (having arrived by car via Malmö and Copenhagen) to witness some shunting in preparation for the service. The next morning we again went well before it officially opened and managed to get more photos without the crowds. A smaller group from the VDVA tour to Norway also ended-up here (they also went to Malmö the next day – we skipped this). Three of the Hamburg cars operated (two motors and the salt car which has been in storage for 20 years). But using the salt car meant the V7BE trailer did not come out this time (we saw it before and had many rides on it also). Copenhagen car 701 ran all day (it often has problems and most times just comes out for a few trips). Oslo car 203 also made an appearance but disgraced itself (as it often does) – it will probably be replaced by one of the Oslo Duewags (SL79) soon and might end-up being scrapped. Want to preserve it? The next morning (when the VDVA went to Malmö) we opted for some private driving lessons on Hamburg PCC 3060. Very nice! I really prefer the Prague T3 as that does not have a dead-mans pedal but who can resist operating the only Hamburg PCC ever built (it did run in Copenhagen on trials and went to Brussels where large numbers of the same type were in use). The two trials cars operating in Copenhagen (the other is Rheinbahn 2412) and the Hamburg motor cars were also placed next to each other for photos during the big day.

short videos

Odense (DK) – July

We ended our Nordic tour looking at this new system (one line so far). Having been here twice before when nothing was running yet or the test running was suspended we enjoyed walking the downtown part and also rode the line north (the southern leg will be done during our next visit). Unlike Aarhus many nice backgrounds can be photographed in Odense. The old town is extremely close and quite scenic.