Travels 2021 – Part II

  • Day 23 Kremenchuk

This system has now retired all of the old trolleybuses and runs a few battery operated extensions.

  • Day 24 Cherkasy

Not many old vehicles run on Sundays but we managed to charter the “historic” Kyiv-12.05 trolleybus. Weekdays see more services operate.

  • Day 25/26 Kyiv

We started our trip in the capital and we ended it there. We were not successful to find the new low floor #5001 car when we had arrived but it did run now. We managed a ride on it on line 28 but then later the car disappeared. The track connection to the Darnyts’kyi depot is under reconstruction (one track seems available for pull ins and pool outs) and we later discovered the car together with many others sitting in the line 4 northern loop waiting for the evening rush. With the sun rapidly disappearing we managed to see the whole collection of trams run on the fast tram on the right bank in order to loop round at one of the southern loops (probably the first one) to rejoin their lines 28 and 35 (no passengers were carried). It was interesting to see all these different types of trams run on the fast tram, normally they do not go here at all! On the last day we went to Darnyts’kyi depot but not much was running there (all the interesting cars were operating from Lisova metro station going north only). A bus replacement line 33T operated some distance away from the depot to bring passengers north. We look forward to our next visit to Kyiv and Ukraine (we will probably do the Western part of the country again including Odesa): but certain systems do need a repeat visit as well (Poltava, Dnipro, Kamianske, Kryvyj Rih…).