Travels 2021 – Part II

  • Day 11 Bachmut

As with the other two systems that day we could only go to a few select locations of the network as the available time was rather short.

  • Day 12 Kramatorsk

We decided to visit the trolleybus depot simply to try to gain access to the closed tram depot but again we were told that this was not possible. But we found out that the trams are about to be scrapped at the end of October. Later we found one very old tram sign that they forgot to take down along the line. There are still some older trolleybuses in service but many have been scrapped.

  • Day 13 Druzhkivka

The day started rather dull weather wise but luckily the sun came out in the afternoon. Only one KTM-5 left in service now. The line to the railway station was new for us as it did not operate when we visited last.

  • Day 14/15 Dnipro

Our visit coincided with a public holiday and thus the service was not as frequent as during a weekday. After a cheap breakfast in a tramway canteen (they have them usually at all the dispatchers offices where one can also buy the day pass – but we later learned that the day pass is now also sold by conductors) we simply rode and walked around. One really needs a couple of days to see everything here (like Charkiv). We did not find any day passes anywhere else during our trip and the price in Dnipro is very cheap indeed.