Travels 2021 – Part II

  • Day 9 Charkiv

The main aim was to get to see depot 3 which we had always failed to do during our previous visits and with the help of a charter we even managed this on a weekend: ZiU-9 #346.

  • Day 10 Charkiv

Before we had to leave for Donbas we had a charter with one of the recently rebuilt T3s and managed to meet up with the Minsk tram.

  • Day 11 Severodonetsk

We decided to do three systems this day so we could only allocate a limited time to each.

  • Day 11 Lysychans’k

As is usual, only a very small number of trolleybuses operated. We saw two of the three that are operational. Below are a number of images showing the same vehicles in different locations or from different angles.