Travels 2021 – Part II

  • Day 15 Kamianske

A lot of T6s have arrived from Praha replacing older equipment. There was not enough time to visit all the lines on this visit: a good reason to return once more.


  • Day 16 Zaporizhzhia

We did not see any of the old T3s running (nearly all have been retired we learned since – still stored at the depot) but it was nice to see the ex Berlin KT4s. Much time was spent walking along parts of the “downtown” loop which we had always neglected on previous visits: most lines run here. We also did a short charter with an old ZiU-9 (most of the old trolleybuses have been scrapped).

  • Day 17 Zaporizhzhia

A little more than half a day was left for riding around. Some of the drivers took the Covid prevention very seriously and only accepted a small number of sitting passengers. Many passengers got stranded for a long time. Marshrutkas did not act like that and thus a few rides (all very full) had to be done to move around more quickly. Afterwards we had our first 3 hour long-distance taxi ride to Mariupol because our driver from Kyiv had to return home. We had thought about cancelling certain destinations from here on but in the end only Kropyvnytskyi was deleted from the schedule (as we had not planned a hotel night there and walking around the town for 2 hours with our luggage just seemed too much of a task as was having to find a new onward taxi without the help of a hotel).

  • Day 18/19 Mariupol

No more KTM-5s in service! Some of the second hand T3s have been renumbered because of the closure of the eastern depot (now just a workshop and bus depot). All the old trolleybuses have been replaced, including the ex Solingen ones. Very few tram lines operated in the Eastern part of the network.