Travels 2019 – Part XIV

The other single tram line in the country. Like Navapolatsk this serves a giant plant at the end of the line (miles out in the country – over 20km). Only a small part of the town is served by the tram (mostly high rise housing for the plant workers). We had communicated with the company well before our visit and it was obvious that they did not care to see us or even let us charter a tram. So no depot visit there! The tramway is extremely quite during the day but in the morning rush hours has a lot of coupled sets running out to the plant (returning in the evening rush, though we don’t think that all the trams remain at the plant during the day). During the day when there are often just one or two trams per hour (or one even only every two hours) the works cars seem to come out a lot. We saw them on two days (week days). The KTM-5 cars seem to be in a very good shape. Maybe because the company that operates the tram is the owner of the big plant and not the city. Unlike everywhere else in BY they use a zone system for the fares. To ride the whole line one needs to buy a 3-zone ticket. These are sold by the operators and we saw the ticket inspectors out both days during our visit (they recognized us instantly and were very friendly – unlike the the security man at the depot). Still, we had a great time there.

Mazyr / Masyr / Мазыр – October 2019