Lodz (115 years of public transport) – part 1

On December 15th MPK Lodz and the tram club KMST celebrated the 115th birthday of public transport with a parade of trams.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-18 um 21.00.55

9 trams representing the varied fleet of historic vehicles that MPK, KMST and also privat individual Tomasz Adamkiewicz own ran from Polnocna loop to KINO CHARLIE in Piotrkowska street. Various photo stops on the way and a huge crowd made this a memorable event. Your webmaster specially wanted to ride the two Lilpop cars that MPK owns. These both do not have a track brake and thus no passengers are allowed to ride them anymore (well, I managed to get myself invited onto one of them…). KMST owned 803N tram TP no.2 made its first public run that day. In the afternoon Sanok no. 17 and 803N no.2 took many people from Piotrowska to the new Brus museum (ex TP depot). This museum is still not officially open and there are big plans to convert it into a modern transport museum (with mainly airplanes and trams). Grilled sausages were served and a bonfire kept the public warm. KMST plans to make the 803N tram available for charters and your webmaster will probably take up the offer later in 2014.

Here are some views taken during the event:

We start with PÓŁNOCNA loop, the old interurban terminal just north of downtown (these days it is only used when there is track work going on somewhere and trams need another terminal – the building is a listed monument but is not at all restored). Regular trams used the terminus on this day as well because Telefoniczna depot was not accessible for a few hours due to the reconstruction of a road bridge near the depot.

0071 2013-12-15-09-50-16-IMG_0447
0071 2013-12-15-09-43-37-IMG_0397
0158 2013-12-15-09-38-46-IMG_0353
0048 2013-12-15-12-19-26-IMG_0719
0017 2013-12-15-09-50-01-IMG_0441
0048 2013-12-15-09-39-03-IMG_0359
1830 2013-12-15-09-45-35-IMG_0418
1831 2013-12-15-09-45-59-IMG_0424
0644 2013-12-15-09-59-43-IMG_0485
0337 2013-12-15-09-57-01-IMG_0481
0002 2013-12-15-09-52-55-IMG_0465

The first photo stop was at ŻABIENIEC loop:

0071 2013-12-15-10-33-49-IMG_0501
0048 2013-12-15-10-34-27-IMG_0514
0017 2013-12-15-10-34-12-IMG_0510
0158 2013-12-15-10-34-42-IMG_0521
0002 2013-12-15-10-37-26-IMG_0546
0334 2013-12-15-10-34-51-IMG_0524

1830 2013-12-15-10-39-49-IMG_0547

1831 2013-12-15-10-43-45-IMG_0549

Plac Wolności:

1830 2013-12-15-11-34-55-IMG_0700
1831 2013-12-15-11-35-17-IMG_0705
0644 2013-12-15-11-24-37-IMG_0632
0334 2013-12-15-11-24-14-IMG_0626
0071 2013-12-15-11-21-37-IMG_0578
0158 2013-12-15-11-23-58-IMG_0624
0048 2013-12-15-11-23-43-IMG_0612
0017 2013-12-15-11-23-35-IMG_0609
0002 2013-12-15-11-24-50-IMG_0635