Travels 2024

A very short visit to Ulm, specially to see line 2, which wasn’t there the last time we visited (many years ago)

Ulm (DE) March

In Wuerzburg the last surviving 6 Duewag GT8 cars were out in force because of a problem with the second generation low-floor cars. We managed to see 5 of them in service. What a delightful downtown! Needs a repeat visit.

Wuerzburg (DE) March

Service frequencies on this Sunday (we arrived Saturday but there was a strike) were not that great but still we managed to visit a few locations including the Henschel museum (mostly models on show here plus the two diesel locos in the old factory yard). The Technical museum next door has all the Kassel museum trams but the majority of the museum halls are unfortunately closed because of safety issues with the building. At least they put one of the trams in the accessible hall (plus a locomotive, models and a Transrapid maglev car).

Kassel (DE) March

We start the year with a visit to the “Elbbruecken” U-Bahn and S-Bahn stops in Hamburg (which are adjecent to each other). The metro part was opened in 2018 as the terminus of this new line and the suburban electrics started using this new stop a year later (there used to be a station here until 1944 but not for S-Bahn). The old bridge visible in some of the pics was built between 1917 and 1926 and features a space in the upper half to accommodate a metro line (this was never built). The U-Bahn will be extended eventually but not using this life expired bridge. Things take time in Hamburg.

Hamburg (DE) January