Bielefeld M8C cars in Lodz

MPK Lodz has now started to use the recently purchased Stadtbahn cars from Bielefeld (Germany) in force. They currently run only on lines Z1 and Z2 from Chocianowice depot. Line Z2 also sees (as a rush hour supplement) use of some of the ex Bochum-Gelsenkirchen M6C cars out of Telefoniczna depot.

Here we see the cars at or near the shared northern terminus on Kilińskiego:

0537 2013-12-16-10-56-15-IMG_0980

0536 2013-12-16-10-43-57-IMG_0964

0536 2013-12-16-10-42-02-IMG_0951

0533 2013-12-16-11-10-39-IMG_0994

0533 2013-12-14-14-34-58-IMG_0139

0532 2013-12-14-14-09-06-IMG_0102

0532 2013-12-14-14-07-54-IMG_0089

0526 2013-12-16-11-21-46-IMG_1013

0526 2013-12-16-10-29-34-IMG_0942

0526 2013-12-14-13-58-33-IMG_0033

0522 2013-12-16-10-43-34-IMG_0962

0522 2013-12-16-10-40-31-IMG_0947

0328 2013-12-14-14-42-05-IMG_0187

0316 2013-12-14-15-33-15-IMG_0217

0316 2013-12-14-14-19-20-IMG_0125

0316 2013-12-14-14-18-06-IMG_0117

0328 2013-12-14-15-57-00-IMG_0221

Chojny loop:

0536 2013-12-14-17-32-34-IMG_0242

Chocianowice depot:

0537 2013-12-15-13-27-57-IMG_0828

0534 2013-12-16-12-39-08-IMG_1108

0534 2013-12-15-13-26-02-IMG_0817

0532 2013-12-15-14-15-31-IMG_0911

0532 2013-12-15-13-37-46-IMG_0877

0532 2013-12-15-13-37-35-IMG_0876

0531 2013-12-15-13-27-17-IMG_0824

0528 2013-12-16-12-43-24-IMG_1125

0528 2013-12-15-13-18-09-IMG_0764

0525 2013-12-16-12-44-15-IMG_1134

0525 2013-12-16-12-42-35-IMG_1113

0525 2013-12-15-13-34-45-IMG_0863

0525 2013-12-15-13-26-32-IMG_0821

0523 2013-12-16-12-36-54-IMG_1092

0523 2013-12-15-13-18-47-IMG_0771

0522 2013-12-15-13-28-47-IMG_0832

529 is stored at Tramwajowa works (with a defective chopper):

0529 2013-12-16-11-29-23-IMG_1017

All was still well with the only surviving original GT6 Bielefeld car 1042 (ex 4042) on December 14 when I managed to catch it on line 43 at the outer interurban Lutomiersk terminus. Unfortunately, it caught fire during next week.


Another Bielefeld connection here: 1038 seen at Polnocna loop. This car started its life as Bielefeld 205 (later to be converted to GT8 in 1966 and renumbered 805 two years later) in 1963, then it went to Innsbruck in 1983 and became a GT6 again numbered 38. MKT Lodz purchased the car in 2009 and ran it still using the same number. When MKT was wound down MPK purchased the car last year and renumbered it to 1038.

1038 2013-12-15-09-40-28-IMG_0372

No Bielefeld connection here: 1077 ex TP Lodz ex Grudziadz ex Würzburg ex Hagen in new livery passing through Konstantynow:

1077 2013-12-16-12-07-58-IMG_1090