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Travels 2011 – Kolkata (Fleet Overview)

Updated DEC 2020 with the help of the excellent fleet list supplied by Sagnik Gupta (Thank you!) This my attempt to compile a fleet list of the CTC. Various sources have been used. My trip to Kolkata in February 2011 has allowed me to make personal oberservations (we visited all depots and I took photos Read More

"Helmuts" in Lodz (Update 2019)

Lodz is one of my favorite travel destination these days. The “Helmut” cars (this is the local nickname for all ex West German cars that went to Poland) are of special interest to me. Unfortunately, the wounding-down of the Lodz interurban tram companies MKT and TP in 2012 resulted in the scrapping of a number of these Read More

Kharkiv Works Cars

Kharkiv is another system with a large number of work (non-passenger) equipment, though much reduced in size compared to just a few years ago. Some of the retired cars remain stored on property. We have tried to list the location where all vehicles are stationed (by personal observation during 2 separate visits to all depots). Read More

Kiev Works Cars

Like many large tramway systems the Kiev fleet sports a fairly large number of work (non-passenger) equipment. Some cars have been withdrawn in the last few years but a few of those still remain stored on property. We have tried to list the location where all vehicles are stationed (by personal observation during 3 separate Read More

Modernised Konstal 105Na trams at Tramwaje Śląskie

Working on the photos I took during a recent visit to Katowice (and much of the rest of the network) I noticed that it is difficult to find a list of all the modernised cars currently operating there. So I made my own (originally to appear in the German language Blickpunkt Straßenbahn magazine – but Read More

Sofia Trams

For many years the trams running in Sofia were built by “Tramvaen zavod” (after 2002 called “Tramkar”). This company used to be owned by the city tram company then got privatised and now is back in the hands of Stolicen (Capital) Electrotransport EAD who run the trams and trolleybuses. The company has another subsidiary (“Transenergo Read More

Riga Workscars

The Riga tramway has a large fleet of non-passenger cars. The fleet is currently numbered in the 880xx series. Unlike the passenger fleet, the fleet numbers shown on the trams are the real numbers (on the passenger cars the first digit of the fleet number indicates the depot and the last digit is just a Read More

Hong Kong Tram Fleet

1987 type car 1 1950 type car 7 Trailer 17 “Vintage” Tour Cars 28 + 128 “Historic” Car 120 Fleet list (Fleet Numbers, Type, Builder, Years Built, Info, Notes) 1900s • 1-16 : 1904 : Electric Rly & Tramway Carriage works : 1904 : single deck cross-bench : note 1) • 17-26 : 1904 : Read More

Lodz – Brus museum depot

At the end of April 2013 the tram club KMST (Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów) moved the historic cars from the closed ex MKT depot at Helenowek to the ex TP depot at Brus. Brus is now owned by the city of Lodz and there are hopes to re-open Brus as a proper transport museum in Read More

Łódź Interurban Tramways – Part II (The Fleet) – updated JUN-2014

This original posting from 2012 has been updated with a current fleet list (June 2014) only: (Photo: Pawel Kazmierczak) Much has happened in Lodz in 2012. We now only have one operator (MPK) and much of the interurban rolling stock has been scrapped. MPK absorbed parts of the MKT and TP fleets (those vehicles not Read More

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