Travels 2019 – Part IX

Many of the VDVA members just joined us for the main part of this fall (autumn) tour: Lviv. But we had more to offer for those who are interested in trolleybuses! 4 systems in the region nearby were thus explored. We rented a large van for this (from/to Lviv). Trains could have been used but we would have needed much more time to do it. The car also allowed us to move around the cities quickly and for depot visits and charters we just parked inside or outside the depots. We had visited all the 4 systems before and thus had some contacts. Our friends and hosts in Ivano-Frankivsk and Khmelnytskyi again organized a really special program for us and we thank them for their outstanding effort. We did so much in Khmelnytskyi that we had little time left for Ternopil (both systems had to be done in one day) but we still managed to ride some of the more interesting lines there with the help of our local contact. We ended up with some night photography in the depot. Our original idea was to charter a Skoda 9Tr in 2 of the visited cities but then Ternopil had recently retired the last passenger vehicle (we did see their 9Tr works “car” in action though).

Ivano-Frankivsk / Iwano-Frankiwsk / Івано-Франківськ – October 2019

Chernivtsi / Tschernowitz / Чернівці́ – October 2019

Khmelnytskyi / Chmelnyzkyj / Хмельни́цький – October 2019

Ternopil / Tarnopol / Тернопіль – October 2019