Travels 2004-2010 (Noleggio con Ventotto a Milano)

I visited Milano a lot for many years mostly with my friends from Cincinnati. We usually had a charter (private hire) and also visited some depots. If you want to see more photos from Milano try this Facebook group run by Peter Ehrlich (he organised the early Cinti group trips and attended many of the ones I ran when I took over from him). Click to enlarge the photos (then click the small preview image again to open a larger version).

2004 – we used Ventotto 1503

I seem to have used some cheap slide film (unfortunately, there is a yellow tint visible and it was a very cloudy day). We also used “PCC” 5137 but I have not scanned those slides yet.

2005 – we used “replica Edison” 609

2006 – we used workscar 701

2007 – we used Ventotto 1966 (which still had a trolley pole then – but it was firmly tied down)

2007 – we had another charter that year using Vents 1503 and 1730 plus 609 and 701

2008 – we used Ventotto 1723 (I included some photos taken on our interurban travels)

2009 – we used Ventotto 1757 – one of the first regular cars that got repainted into the white & yellow livery (I have also included some photos taken on our interurban travels posted to another Facebook group)

2010 – we used Ventotto 1503 plus 609 and 701 plus trolleybus 548 (again I included some photos taken on our interurban travels as well)