Travels 2017 – Part IV (Ukraine in April: Odessa to Kiev)

Heading South again we arrived in Odessa. The last leg took us from Odessa back to Kiev. During this tour by car we had thus visited all the systems in Central Ukraine (Western Ukraine we had done in 2016 and Donbas in the East was to follow soon). Most of the roads we used were in a bad state, some really terrible. One should avoid traveling during rain or in the dark (you can’t see the potholes!!!). Like the roads most of the systems we visited also still need a lot of money to bring them up to Western standards. Traveling by car meant that we had to drive a lot (long and slow). As usual, we managed to visit most off the depots in the cities we visited. This of course meant that the time we had for each system was rather limited so unfortunately, we did miss a few lines here and there (having explored the remaining lines during charters or by following them in the car). Always a good excuse to return in the future!

days 17-19 – Одеса (Odessa)

days 20 + 22 – Миколаїв (Mykolajiw)

day 21 – Херсон (Kherson/Cherson)

days 23-27 – Київ/Kyjiw (Kiew/Kiev)