Travels 2018 – Part IV (VDVA Bucharest & Poland)

A short repeat visit to Lodz. In October 2018 VDVA visited Bucharest. You will find photos of trams, trolleybuses and metros here. As usual, we visited quite a number of depots and had some charters (private hires). If you are interested in joining us on these VDVA tours in Europe, visit the website (we do one big tour every year and usually 2-3 long weekend tours).

București (Bucharest/Bukarest) Trams – October

București (Bucharest/Bukarest) Works Trams & other vehicles – October

București (Bucharest/Bukarest) Trolleybuses – October

București (Bucharest/Bukarest) Metro (Berceni depot only) – October

Łódź (Lodz/Lodsch – September