Warsaw Work Horses – Part II (Trailers & Traversers)

Apart from the motor car fleet of work cars there are also numerous trailers. Many of the trucks used are probbly from old passengers trams. As in part I we show all the vehicles we saw during our one day visit to all depots and workshops. I did miss the snow ploughs this time, they were either hidden away or just impossible to photograph. Part IV will deal with works cars I photographed on previous visits.

01 ZETiT:

02 ZETiT:

05 ZETiT:

06 ZETiT:

P12 ZETiT:

2301 ZETiT:

2302 Wola:

2315 ZETiT:

2316 Wola:

2319 Wola:

2320 ZETiT:

2321 Wola:

2322 ZETiT:

2323 Wola:

2329 Wola:

(not numbered) Wola:

(not numbered) Wola:

this electric loco has since been identified as AEG #4184 of “Cukrownia i Raffineria (sugar factory) Witaszyce” built in 1928 which is housed at Witaszyce museum = an outside restoration contract

(not numbered) R-1:

(not numbered) R-3:

Wola Works has three traversers (two indoors and one outdoor):

ZETiT has two turntables (I only managed to photograph one this time):

Depots: R-1 = Wola, R-2 = Praga, R-3 = Mokotow, R-4 = Zoliborz, Wola = Wola Workshops, ZETiT = Obozowa Permanent Way Yard