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Travels 2017 – Part V (Ukraine in June: Lviv to Kiev)

Second visit of Ukraine this year! A well deserved repeat visit to all the systems shown. The group met in Kiev and we all flew to Lviv. From there our coach took us back to Kiev. day 1 – Київ/Kyjiw (Kiew/Kiev) day 2 – Львів (Lviv/Lemberg) day 3 – Тернопіль (Ternopil/Tarnopol) day 3 – Хмельницький Read More

Travels 2016 – Part V (Ukraine in March: Lviv & Ivano-Frankivsk)

Two full days for Lviv. Afterwards we took an evening train to Ivano-Frankivsk. day 12 – Львів/L’viv (Lemberg/Lviv) – exploring the system day 13 – more of Львів/L’viv (Lemberg/Lviv) day 14 – Іва́но-Франкі́вськ (Ivano-Frankivsk – formerly Stanislau) Read More

Travels 2016 – Part IV (Ukraine in March: Rivne to Lviv)

Being in “Skoda 9Tr heaven” in Rivne we spent almost a whole extra day here and also rented (chartered) the oldest vehicle no. 001 from 1974 which was only used in service if nothing else was available. Our first day in Lviv was spent mostly visiting both tram depots (no. 2 was closed for modernisation Read More