Tag: Вінниця/Winnyzja (Vinnytsia/Winniza)

Travels 2017 – Part V (Ukraine in June: Lviv to Kiev)

Second visit of Ukraine this year! A well deserved repeat visit to all the systems shown. The group met in Kiev and we all flew to Lviv. From there our coach took us back to Kiev. day 1 – Київ/Kyjiw (Kiew/Kiev) day 2 – Львів (Lviv/Lemberg) day 3 – Тернопіль (Ternopil/Tarnopol) day 3 – Хмельницький Read More

Travels 2016 – Part VIII (Ukraine in March: Vinnytsia & Kiev)

More exploring in Vinnytsia. A fast intercity type train took us back to Kiev. Most other trains we used were of the old “long distance sleeping car types” (very uncomfortable to sit in) that all depart in the late evening. Our last day was spent again on the Eastern side of the Kiev system (an Read More

Travels 2016 – Part VII (Ukraine in March: Vinnytsia)

On to Vinnytsia (again by train). Here we chartered “historic” no. 1 (actually a German built Gotha car with a “new” body). Our second day there fell on a weekend und this meant: only Mirage type trams operating. day 18 – Вінниця/Winnyzja (Vinnytsia/Winniza) Read More