Travels 2011 – Kolkata Part III

Last day (Day 5):

those fires again (amazing how quite the streets still are at 7:30am – if only I had forced myself to get up this early every day… on the next visit for sure) #634 in Lenin Sarani (route 22)

#270 in Lenin Sarani (route 25)

#270 (we arrived in this car here) with some goats in Elliot Road opposite Nonapukur workshops (route 25)

#278 in A. J. C. Bose Road at Elliot Road (Nonapukur) (route 25)

#238 Elliott Road again (route 25)

one half of #201 inside Nonapukur Wroks

a new body taking shape (no fleet number visible) at Nonapukur Works – many of us (including me) missed this part of the workshops on the first visit – I’m glad I went there because I found a nice fleet number sign in the dirt…

#568 (ex Sightseeing Car) at Nonapukur Works


Works Car #H.W.C. (Howrah Water Car) – Howrah depot is of course long gone (now a bus garage) but they keep the old fleet name

#601 on charter about to leave the works

#514 in A. J. C. Bose Road (route 26)

our charter car in Maniktala Main Road (like on the previous visit here the street is completely empty – reserved for trams and buses I think; a rare photo opportunity)

#601 in C.I.T. Road

#712 in Rajabazar Depot (route 14)

#722 ditto (route 14)

#291 at Galif Street Loop (route 8 )

#295 Galif Street (route 12/7)

#609 at Shyambazar loop

#796 in Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road at Lenin Sarani (route 25)

Hope you liked our little report…

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