Cairo Update (Spring 2014)

M. Farid has sent us the following update:

The line beyond Almaza depot has gone, as has the outer end of the Nozha/Sheraton line. The old line to Nasr City (branching off at Kolit Al Banat) that had been closed some years ago is now completely gone. As reported in our earlier updates the green interurban line to Abdou Al Aziz Fahmy goes actally beyond this old terminus to Alf Maskan Sq. (but keeps the old name). The red Nozha line now terminates at Al Kolia/Al Harbia. Here is a current map (with the Sawwah depot connection added):


On the 3 non-interurban routes (only 4xxx and 60xx city cars are used) the following route numbers are in use:

  • 5 Mataria – Ismalia
  • 35 Mataria – Almaza (this used to be 36 – some 36 signs still used)
  • It is not yet known if the Almaza – Alf Maskan line also carries a route number (the connecting tracks between the red and green lines had not seen service for a number of years)

A view of the old Nasr City line:


On the three interurban routes no trailers remain in service. Some 60xx city cars are still used. Here are some photos from 2013 and 2014 showing all lines: