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Travels 2015 – Part II (Germany, Denmark, Northern Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland)

The main tour this year in the autumn (fall) was a very very Long one. We started by car from Hamburg, headed to Vienna via various tram Systems en-route (to join the VDVA tour of Vienna & Bratislava), then Slowakia and returned from there via Switzerland, France, Belgium and Netherlands. Going to Bratislava with the Read More

150 Years Vienna Trams Parade : Travels 2015 (photo review) – Part IV

Wiener Linien presented 53 vehicles (or rather entries – as some of the motor cars pulled 1 or 2 trailers) on September 27th on the Ring. I managed to photograph most of them (avoiding the hub of the event because of the thousands of people standing in the way) and only missed the most modern Read More