Lodz – Brus museum depot

At the end of April 2013 the tram club KMST (Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów) moved the historic cars from the closed ex MKT depot at Helenowek to the ex TP depot at Brus. Brus is now owned by the city of Lodz and there are hopes to re-open Brus as a proper transport museum in the future. Brus is now open the public on certain open days during the year.

The following cars (listed by type) are now housed at Brus:


2N1 workscar 108 (owned by Jerzy Wojtowicz) ex MKT108 ex MPK92026 ex MPK2026 ex MPK218

2N1 workscar (training car) 1234 ex MPK234 (owned by MPK)

2N1 work cars 3088 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) ex MPK

2N2 workscars 101 (owned by City of Lodz) ex TP101 ex MPK92030 ex MPK2030 ex MPK112

2N2 workscar 92031 (owned by KMST) ex MPK

5N workscar 103 (owned by City of Lodz) ex TP103 ex MPK92001 ex MPK2001 ex MPK330 ex MPK50

5N workscar 109 (owned by KMST) ex MKT ex MPK2008 ex MPK33

5N motor 100 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MPK – currently under reconstruction

5N motor 154 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz ex MPK Bydgoszcz 154 ex 448 ex 24) – licensed

5N1 motor 4-092 (owned by MPK) ex MPK12092 ex MPK4-092 ex MPK4-047 ex MPK47 ex Bielsko-Biala 35 – currently under reconstruction

5ND1 trailer 702 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) ex MPK

803N motor 2 (owned by KMST) ex TP2 ex MPK4-191 ex MPK5-191 ex MPK5-947 ex MPK947 – should be licensed shortly

803N(modernised) motor 37 (owned by KMST) ex MKT37 ex MKT42 ex MPK5-172 ex MPK5-925 ex MPK925

Belgijska (Metallurgiques 1910) trailer 371 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000336-01

Duewag GT6 motor 1042 (owned by MPK)

Herbrand VNB-125 motor 11 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000011-03

Herbrand motor 336 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000371-01

Sanok motor 17 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) – licensed

Four axle flat wagon 38 (owned by MPK)

J. John Two axle freight wagon “50 (from series 39-42!)” (owned by MPK)

J. John Two axle freight wagon “no. unknown (from series 39-42)” (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz)

Two axle freight wagon 48 (owned by MPK)

not expected at Brus soon (maybe in the future?)

2N workscar 105 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MKT ex MPK52105 ex MPK2105 – (stored at Helenowk and future unsecure)

5N1 motor 337 (MPK owned) ex MPK100 ex MPK337 – licensed (housed at Chocianowice)
(1) 20130324 131103a

5ND trailer 644 (MPK owned) ex MPK504 ex MPK664 – licensed (housed at Chocianowice)

803N motor 21 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MKT21 ex MPK5-959 ex MPK1-959 ex MPK6-959 ex MPK959 – no motors (stored at Helenowek and future unsecure)
(1) 2012-03-30-17-33-41-IMG_1377

Herbrand GE-58/U-107c motor 71 (MPK owned) – licensed (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop II motor 48 (MPK owned) – (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop III motor 153 (MPK owned) – currently under reconstruction (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop III motor 158 (MPK owned) – (housed at Tramwajowa)
0158 2013-12-15-09-38-46-IMG_0353

not part of the active museum fleet is this tram that was overhauled at Telefoniczna and later Brus but is now on display in Konstantynow Lodzkie

2N2 282 (City of Konstantynow owned) ex MPK72012 ex MPK2012 ex MPK282