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Kolkata Fleet – Update (2013)

In 2013 CTC introduced the first of the new “single bogey (or coach)” (they of course mean bogie tram or 4 axle tram – as opposed to regular articulated bogie 6 axle tram they usually use) trams. The body is longer than those found on the other trams. No. 630A was probably rebuilt from original Read More

Łódź Interurban Tramways – Part III (Video 803Na Farewell)

video taken on last day of the old cars (March 31st 2012) [youtube] Read More

Cairo, Heliopolis, Helwan and Alexandria – Youtube

We have now uploaded some video slideshows to Youtube. Prints or JPEGS of most (not all!) images are available… – send us an email if you are interested. Alexandria City Trams – Part 1 (non-Duewag cars) [youtube] Alexandria City Trams – Part 2 (Duewag cars 800-830) [youtube] Alexandria City Trams – Part 3 Read More