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Welcome to Intra Express.

We can now present our 2018 tour programme.

On our tour "Trams and Light Rail along Mississippi River" we visit more than a dozen systems in the centre of the United States (six of them opened since 2004, and never visited by Intra Express groups before) plus nearly as many heritage tramways. After this tour only Seattle and Tampa - at the opposite ends of the huge country - remain unvisited by Intra Express. We therefore hope for a good number of participants on this last big Intra Express tour.

Our second tour takes us to the four trams of Belarus where we have last been 25 years ago. It is time to see what has changed there.

With these two 2018 tours Intra Express says Good Bye to its customers and friends. By end of 2018 I shall retire, and close my company after 29 years which was not an easy decision.

My wife and I thank you very much for travelling with us. It was fun learning to know nearly all tramways, and nearly all parts of the world together with you. We hope you feel the same way, and keep Intra Express in good memory.

Kind Regards

Thomas E. Fischer
Managing Director


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Our 2018 Programme

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May 27th until Jun. 17th., 2018: Trams and Light Rail along
Mississippi River
note: this tour is now fully booked!

Reise 1

We have chosen the United States of America as the destination of our last big Intra Express tour as this is one of the most fascinating countries for tramway enthusiasts. Having visited all Light Rail systems, and trams on the East Coast in 2015, we do the same in the central part of the country this time where most of the recent openings have taken place. We follow Mississippi River for about 2,500 miles all its way down from Minneapolis via Saint Louis and Memphis to New Orleans - including detours for example to Arizona and Texas not to miss any tram. On this unique tour we pass no less than 13 of the country's 50 states, visit famous cities, cross fantastic landscapes, and learn to know more than a dozen tramway (and light rail) systems, six of them opened between 2004 and 2017, and never visited by an Intra Express group before. Additionally we visit nearly as many heritage tramways featuring classic PCC cars and Interurbans.

Sep. 8th until 16th, 2018:

Trams in Belarus note: this tour is now fully booked!

Reise 1

25 years have passed since an Intra Express group has last visited the trams of the young Republic of Belarus - only two years old at this time. Seems it is time to go there again, and look what has changed. A visit has become easier as tourists from most European countries do not need visas any more if their stay does not exceed five days, just enough to visit the country's four tramway systems. All of these four have developed well as far as the condition of tracks, and fleets are concerned, and look forward to a secure future - thanks to the Belkomunmash (BKM) factory in the capital of Minsk providing state-of-the-art tram cars (and trolleybuses) for the domestic market, and even for export.

As we fly Ukraine International Airlines via Kiev to Minsk, we had the idea to extend this tour to a full week, including two days in Kiev on the way to Belarus, and back.